anna andrejew - artistic researcher, writer, permaculturalist.

through my artistic research, i explore the memory of matter. my work takes form in the material and immaterial: installations, photography, conversations, performances and writing.

previously i have worked in the humanitarian aid sector, experiencing many places. since 2019 i decided to fully focus on my process-oriented artistic practice.

tel. +31 (0)6 33242034
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based in the hague, the netherlands.

currently i am researching the physicality of the digital. each e-mail, each bit of data is stored somewhere physically. cables below, data centers above. taking up energy, water and space. the digital world is firmly rooted in ecology. this project was part of the 2024 graduation show of KABK.

another ongoing research explores fermentation as a way of being with others. celebrating our ancestor’s traditions and interdependencies on micro-organisms. Micro-cultures having major impact on our body, food sovereignty and communal being.

i employ an ecofeminist lens and multispecies perspectives. my previous researches included themes connected to soil, water bodies (commissioned by NWO), the non-binary/more-than-human, our perception of time and expanding our notion of photography (beyond its humancentric conventions).


be like water, exhibition, workshop, publication, West Paradise, 1-31 july.
- the first impression on your skin, publication of my research paper included in the ‘matter does matter” exhibition of the KABK Lectorate Art, Theory and Practice, the hague - 27 june - 2 july.
- the cloud is a place on earth, exhibition, performance, publication, KABK 2024 graduation show the royal academy of art, the hague - 27 june - 2 july.
- be like water, exhibition, performance, workshop, publication, commisioned by NWO, closed cycles programme, egmond aan zee, 21-23 may.
- community kimchi, workshop/story telling, together with sophie krier & floris janssens, part of Urban Art Laboratories, spinozahof the hague, 20 april.
- 100% recycled time - essay part of the ecofeminist publication “a new world” of West the hague.

- material research into paper making at Loes Schepens atelier, the hague, sept-may 2024.
- wie is hier de idioot? exhibition review published in tubelight magazine 124 and part of the exhibition- 25 jaar tubelight – kritieke kunstkritiek, tent, rotterdam (nl).
- terra incognita- exhibition part of the group exhibition ‘regenerate’, noorderlicht festival, groningen (nl), 23 juni - 10 december.
- second enlightenment, conversations and visual philosophy, ISVW.
- terra incognita - exhibition and conversations. part of ‘van bodem tot bord’, eetbaar park- permacultuurcentrum the hague (nl).
- the cameraless photographer - reading performance on mushroom radio, the hague.
- terra incognita, exhibition, workshop, reading performance and conversations.- part of ‘as above, so below’ exhibition, the greyspace in the middle, the hague.
- the activist is a white whale - exhibition at we do/are photography, international photoszene festival, cologne (de).

- the activist is a white whale- part of  the exhibition of the fool group collective exhibition, motoki, cologne (de).
- the activist is a white whale. part of the publication ‘trickle - come, go, or appear slowly’. published in October 2022, with the support of the royal academy of art, the hague.

- pr(e)ying eyes, writing about wildlife photography as a form of paparazzi intrusion, pubshlised online here.

- 2019 – 2024 bachelor of arts, royal academy of art, the hague
- 2022 permacultuur jaaropleiding, permacultuurcentrum, the hague
- 2002 -2007 master & bachelor of science ba, erasmus university, rotterdam